About me

Dynamics CRM Developer/Consultant. My mind is fuelled by other people’s smarts.


I'm Ana. Born on 12 Dec 1988, in Brasov, Romania. Went to school, started working, moved to the UK in January 2014.

I've done some cool things such as:

  • Could recite Luceafarul(really long poem) when I was 3.
  • Seen a real life octopus whilst diving.
  • Ate a cheesecake that looked like a plant.
  • Moved to a new country, on my own, when I was 24.
  • Managed to not make my brother hate me, despite the fact that I tortured him our entire childhood.

I love to travel, cook and read.

On this website, I'll make up stories, problems and scenarios. I'll then solve them and show you how. This is my approach on learning.

Think of it as a way to start looking at technology as if it would be covered in chocolate.

Thank you!

Ana Demeny (January 2018)