Saga Pattern for Dynamics365

Over the course of time, I had seen many projects struggle with long running workflows. Last month I had the pleasure of presenting one possible solution for eliminating long processes in Dynamics365.

Some very cool people have created the first note taking app for dyslexia!

Leads in Dynamics 365 CE

[Ana's Note] Read this article to find out what's a Lead, how to create one, how to use it and the great value this functionality can bring to your client. You'll find Nicolle does go into detail and gives you all the info you need for a client presentation, or for exam revision.

Quotes in Dynamics 365 CE

Quotes a about giving a personalised experience to your customer.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 10

In this session Nicolle Huntingford presented leads in an unique way. You'll see, I'll show you. I've also done Quotes.

Adventures in Searching in Dynamics 365 CE

or, How I got from Quick Find to my own Arquilian Galaxy

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 9

Session 9 was our time to reflect on where we are, how much we've learnt and what do we still need to do, in order to pass MB2-717. For the second part of the session, Clare presented search capabilities in Dynamics 365 CE.

MB2-717 Exam Prep

[Ana's note] The master of Microsoft Exams is teaching us how to prep. Pay attention!

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 8

As I promised, the ladies are working hard on Dynamics 365 CE functionality. In this session, Jessica Fairclough taught us Views, Charts, and Dashboards.

Views, Charts and Dashboards in Dynamics 365 CE

This article shows how easy is it to use entities and Dynamics 365 analysis tools for any data. Even Jess's running log.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 7

In session 7 we talked about goals and we found a way to involve everyone, add more practice and gain confidence in our skills.

My take on Goals in Dynamics 365

Goals in Dynamics 365 are a way of setting targets, following them through thus organizing your staff's work based on their strong points and their achievements. It's also a good way of making sure they fill in data in CRM.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 6

In session 6, I thought it was time to mention that methodology, patterns and soft skills are just as important as technical skills and we need to acquire these as well, if we are to succeed in the Dynamics world.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 5

This will be a guest post by Chris Huntingford.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 4

Products, Product Families, Units, Price Lists and how they work in Dynamics made Session 4 of our amazing learning series. Even though it's quite technical, I hope you'll find this part of Dynamics interesting. I also hope you like flowers :D.

Product Catalogue in Dynamics 365 V9

Welcome to the ins and outs of the Product Catalogue in V9.

Learn, do, earn with dynamics 365 - Session 3

Let's talk Business Process Flows, Sales Territories and Currencies to cover off the first module of the Dynamics 365 for Sales manual.

Business Process Flows with a personal touch

Business Process Flows(BPF) provide a visual indication of what’s going on in the system, how many actions have you done already and what you still have to do in order to finish a particular thing.

How to use Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP)

I always use DLP when I plan to take a Microsoft Exam.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 1

This evening we started Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365.

How to get a Dynamics 365 Trial

As you probably know, Microsoft is kind enough to offer 30 days trials on Dynamics 365.

Dynamics CRM free eBooks

Microsoft provides loads of eBooks and PowerPoint presentations that you can use in training and presentations.

Meet the Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365's participants

For those of you who just landed here, Learn, do, earn with Dynamics365 is a programme designed to get more people into Dynamics365 as well as try to bridge the gender gap in Dynamics.

Dynamics365Saturday event was good...

better than chocolate type of good.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 — 2. Lead life cycle

Christmas over, New Year’s Eve parties to go!

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Santa’s little help: 1. Leads

Ho! Ho! Ho! Here comes Christmas with it’s lights, trees, parties and mulled wine, so no one really has the appetite to read about CRM. That’s fine, we’ll talk about something else!

learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 — What is CRM and why will it always be useful

If you didn’t get much from my previous article, it’s not you, it’s me! I’ve started with elements of Dynamics CRM , without trying to explain why would anyone ever use such a tool.

learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 — CRM as part of the Dynamics Suite

I was saying? Oh yes, if you are just starting your career, or thinking of changing it, Dynamics 365 might just be suitable for you as described in my previous article (which is also my first).

May you always get the room with a view

Spoiler alert: I am not a fan of new year resolutions or articles that go like: ‘10 things to get better at life’, or ‘15 habits you should get rid of’. You know what I mean.

Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 — getting started

My story comes from believing that everyone can do everything, if they really want to. It’s just that, most people don’t know where to start.